Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back Part 1 – Reflections on the Past Year

I began 2008 in Bangkok Thailand, with a 360 view of the fireworks from the 25th floor of our hotel. I spent the first 3 weeks of the year traveling around Thailand and Cambodia. It was an amazing trip with many unforgettable experiences. Throughout the year I worked on new art, set up my Etsy shop, and started my experiments in electroforming. I participated in many successful exhibits and had one of my best Open Studios.
I was also able to travel to Maui where I snorkeled with giant sea turtles, ate great food, and had an awesome ATV ride. I went to Disneyland with my nieces and nephews and had a wonderful and exhausting time. I also spent a wonderful white Thanksgiving in Denver.


Malonie Blue said...

HI Shannon
I love your art works, they are absolutely beautiful. I am making your blog a daily read.

Shannon Amidon said...

Thanks Malonie, we share a love of sleeping among other things :) I am going to follow your blog too.