Saturday, September 17, 2005

Specimen Hike

This morning Bobb and I went on a specimen hike at the Stevens Creek Reservoir & park. I found and collected a bunch of cattails and other interesting plant life. The cattails are great for paper making, they create a wonderful textured leather looking paper.
Bobb found a large bird wing for me to photograph. I was happy he spotted the wing because I almost missed it; it blended in with the dried grass perfectly. We think it may have been a hawk or other large bird of prey. The coloring on the wing combined with the texture of the feathers looked like some kind of woven basket. It was beautiful. I know finding something like that is not uncommon but I thought it was a good sign. Just a few days ago I was thinking I would like to do some kind of artwork with feathers. I was brainstorming on different ways to use them, photograph them and researching their meanings in different cultures. So it was nice to have a starting point that was unexpected.

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