Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mega Pixels

I finally broke down and bought a digital camera, Nikon Coolpix 7 mega pixels. I have a love hate relationship with digital camera's. I love the convenience of them to do certain things like take pictures of completed artwork or quickly taking a snapshot for reference or ideas.
I hate them because they seem like cheating to me as far as original artwork. I love being surprised, not knowing what I am going to get until my film is developed. Really capturing a moment, not capturing it them erasing it right away because you don't like something about it. It just seems to easy. Often I go back and look at my photographs and find new things or appreciate something I may not have liked at first.

So this camera will be used mainly for business and documentation. It enables me to put things on the the internet and computer quickly. Here is a of pictures of me and my new camera.

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