Saturday, September 24, 2005

Because, Because, Because, Because

of the wonderful things he does.
I went to a musical production of The Wizard of Oz last night. I really enjoyed it, a bit disappointed that the munchkins were played by children but it turned out ok. It was even better because the tickets were free and the seats were fabulous, 13th row middle section. Couldn’t get much better than that.

So we will be off to Vegas soon. Looking forward to the: RUSSIA! The Majesty of the Tsars: Treasures from the Kremlin Museum exhibit at the Guggenheim in the Venetian and the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in the Ballagio. I am sure I won’t be disappointed with the restaurants, cocktails, and Black Jack either. I have been practicing my video poker and baccarat too. We also have tickets to see Penn and Teller, which should be a lot of fun. I will be sure to post some pictures and tales from sin city when we return.

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M Easter said...

I love your work Shannon! I am looking forward to attending some of your exhibits.

M. Easter